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The Magnetic and Idyllic stories are the season’s most strategic trends each embodying, in its own way, feminine and fairly sophisticated fashion. The options of the High Function and Easy Going stories are used more selectively, to enrich the two main themes.

Retro Rio offers a cheerful and modern interpretation of 40’s and 50’s vintage. Rich in prints and vibrant in color, this is a more beachwear version of the Latin aspect of the Magnetic story.

In Mineral, inspiration comes from the desert to design a comfortable and luxurious wardrobe. This echoes the cool and minimal influences of the Summer 2012 New Edge story, whose elegant simplicity is more up-to-date than ever. 30’s Fantasy is the most romantic story of this issue and accentuates the delicacy of decoration and motifs. We find the refinement of the detailed prints in the Idyllic story as well as its graceful femininity.

Tropical Garden centers on the idea of transposing jungle motifs into a glamorous late 50’s wardrobe. This is the same sophisticated seductiveness as in the Magnetic story, but in less precious fabrics.

Long Island features a preppy look updated by the influence of 70’s sportswear and by the spread of exotic little motifs. This is the cool and chic attitude of Easy Going combined with the globetrotting spirit of the motifs in Idyllic.

Spellbound is a story of statement pieces with a couture vibe, modernized by deconstructed cuts and very graphic colorways. This is a cleaner and more geometric version of Magnetic.