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6 stories for high summer.

Dark Sun offers a sexier and edgier follow-up to the antiquity-inspired high summer stories. The Epic influence of the Explosive story is reworked in black and a more everyday fashion.

Delicacies takes an exotic and summery look at precious style with oriental influences in a soft fluoro color range. It’s a development of the Maharajah Costumes section of the Psyché story.

Embassy is aimed at a more classic and tailored audience, with ideas for working this “city” wardrobe in a high summer context. It’s a more intellectual version of the travelers in the Explosive story.

Black coffee gives the go-ahead for mixing the preppy and Afro-pop worlds in a story rich in prints and decoration. It’s the same attitude of free association that is found in the Intersections story.

Ripples is the most romantic yet most minimal story in this issue. It features the spirit of the Sublimed story with shapes inspired by Couture and a range of barely colored pastels.

Last of all, Stripe Up focuses on stripes, with ideas for inserting them in accents or as a total look into collections. The general look echoes the contrasting color ranges and 40’s vintage references in the Intersections story.