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The Amalfi story gives the traditional sailor theme a more glamorous and whimsicaavor. It’s a 70’s take, in a classic and less cute version, on the Retro Bather section of the spring-summer 2015 Aesthete story.

In No Frills, 90’s inuences are taken a little further, to the point of incorporating newer, deconstructed shapes. It is a little like the attitude in the Conceptual Denim section of the spring-summer 2015 Aesthete story, but with a more streetstyle and sportier edge.

Solar Folklore fits in with the Latin themes of the past few seasons, notably by echoing the spring-summer 2014 Intersections story. It explores the arty side developed in last issue’s Mediterranea story in a rougher and more painterly manner. It is also a more decorative interpretation of the spring-summer 2015 Epicurean story.

Chinoiserie blends lingerie inuences and delicate decoration in a range of pastels. It is a summery development of the Asian inspirations already present in the fall 2015 Macao story and a preview of the Magnificent story for fall-winter 2015-16.

Dusky Baroque updates precious style by mixing it with a more rock’n’roll world and transposing it into a summer context. This is a good story for segueing into fall.

Finally, Mirage makes it possible to take “futuristic” inuences towards simpler models and a cooler attitude. It can be worked in solids or large surreal motifs. It includes the color range and feeling of the spring-summer 2015 Amusement story as well as the tech side of the spring-summer 2015 Impulse story.