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WINTER 13-14

Digital product (download)



Wild Life goes for a new take on authentics, it is a grungier interpretation of the classic references in the Ex Natura story.

Renaissance offers a refined and decorative mid-winter with an historical influence. It aims for the modernized romanticism of A Touch of Grace.

Film Noir delivers a follow-up to 40’s influences, making them sleeker and dressier. This is a more restrained version of the most retro aspects of the Frenetic story.

Lady Remix provides solutions for making the formal wardrobe brighter and younger. This is along the same lines as the bold mixes in the Frenetic story but with a cuter edge.

The Drama story combines opulent decoration and structured shapes in a world with baroque references. This is a darker version of A Touch of Grace.

Last of all, Premium sets out to create a wardrobe of more minimalist and more comfortable classics. Like the Projection story, its aim is to modernize looks, but in more opulent materials.