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WINTER 14-15

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The Northern Light story focuses on the idea of white in winter. It features the idea of light and comfort from the Enlightenment trend for Winter 2014-15 but with more casual silhouettes.

Grandeur is the dressiest story in this issue, although the treatment of precious style is more delicate and relaxed than in previous seasons. It echoes the decorative and Slavic influences of the Lyrical trend for Winter 2014-15 but in a more discreet version.

In Mellow a more realistic tone is given to all the soft and bouclé materials of the season by working them in a range of cool neutrals. The suit is updated with a slightly curvier side than in the “Couture freshness” aspect of the Lyrical trend for Winter 2014-15.

The grunge looks of the Old School story make it possible to modernize British classics. It is more moderate and chicer version of the Work Grunge attitude in the Winter 2014-15 Key Fashion Items trend book.

Rough Luxe is the most classical yet the most innovative story in this issue. Its materials are noble and the cuts are modernistic. This is the bold spirit of the Distinction trend for Winter 2014-15 but with a “rawer” edge in terms of design.

Finally, All in One embodies the return to more workwear and casual references. The look remains chic and color is used sparingly, but it contains the graphic and functional aspect of the Reconstruction trend for Winter 2014-15.