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The season is traversed by a desire for what is real, for femininity without dictates where we can exist as we really are. We no longer use clothing to hide us or divert others but instead to help reveal our unique personality.

A new calm appears.

We move away from the obligatory frenzy for renewal and give fashion a sense again, setting it in a broader context. We are inspired by art, design, architecture and archives that help us think about clothes in new ways to give them more value. And seemingly simple, yet mastered lines, result in pared-down designs and beautiful pieces.

Do less but do it better.

To slow down a frantic rhythm, we inscribe ourselves in time to research a sustainable fashion that delves into its past. We emphasize skills while fashion culture and its heritage inspire a new focus on details. In the themes developed this season: the influence of the new rurality magnifies massive yet still feminine volumes and we poetically customize iconic basics. Science Fiction inspires a strong but softer femininity and we remix folk to make it more universal.