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A season defined by a fluid, sensual air of freedom. A multi-faceted femininity that leaves room for sensitivity with more softness and benevolence than in past seasons. We drop our protective armor, we forget set points of view and instead display a cool attitude where the body plays a key role and is emphasized and even magnified in a calm way.

Lingerie, with its materials, softness and daring looks, is varied and used as actual garments with more spontaneous gestures and attitudes for carefree, easy-to-wear pieces.

Nature makes us dream and is a source of inspiration for an omnipresent athleisure

that is now more urban and sophisticated.

In an ultra-feminine version, it is worn from morning to night and typifies the many possibilities offered by technological progress.

In parallel, we discover fashion archives that focus on precious details, forgotten skills and faded delicacies. Historical elements with couture origins are reworked freely and offer a welcome comfort. We combine pieces in an optimistic, joyful chaos while also introducing a poetic sensitivity with not-toocute variations on embroideries and ruffles.

Stereotypes are banished and tailoring, though still present, is suppler with a skinbaring, flattering fluidity. For the mutations happening in society today, we introduce a new way to imagine the corporate wardrobe, making workwear sexy and playful while blurring the borders between our professional and private lives.

In brief, everything is lighter, new attitudes emerge, gestures are freer, elegance is shifted … and nothing is static.