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“What if we decided to be ourselves, far from fashion’s dictates and to explore new, strong and sensual femininities?

A desire to let go and give in to softness and sensuality.

Two major axes are constructed this season: A desire for calmness, for the essential, to be able to breathe. A search for sense. On the other hand, we also have a desire for elsewhere, for abundance, for a mix of cultures and types, for inspirations from art and music plus a blossoming femininity.
The body is the connecting thread and is expressed in fluid silhouettes. Volumes are unrestricted, drapings flow over sensual bodies and suits are reworked with total suppleness. We show the body in fashions that have no fear of showing skin or being dramatically erotic thanks to transparent games that veil and reveal with corsets and bareness that exhale a seductive power.

Femininity is reinterpreted in an extroverted, spontaneous, joyous manner for a fantastic, showy summertime.