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A new form of catharsis is emerging, one thatgoesbeyond an attraction to parallel worlds and dark romanticism to twist and reveal society’s perversions. It can be found in today’s fascination for fiction that revels in a celebration of deviance : sadistic cruelty, decadent behaviors and characters, controversial sexuality... Between Eros and Thanatos, attraction and repulsion, the questions they raise on the difference between good and bad could in fact be more constructive than detrimental. Confronting neuroses and impulses, enhanced by elaborate staging, is one way to free oneself from them.


The horror movie genre may appear to be a dying breed, but it gets a fresh start with Nightmare 1 and 2 by James De Monaco. These American films imagine a world where crime is be permitted for one night only, in order to maintain order and prosperity the rest of the year. 2. SERIAL KILLER ATTRACTION
: With a gnawing fascination for psychopaths celebrating neurotic disorders, the dark 2013 series Hannibal by Bryan Fuller brilliantly explores the psyche of the killer psychiatrist with a penchant for evil. 3. FANTASY MIRROR: 
Falsely « soft » or clearly « hard », erotic practices that challenge society’s moral code are under scrutiny in Nymphomaniac, the voyeuristic film by Lars Von Trier from2013, which tells the story of a sex addict from childhood to adulthood by way of a presentation bordering on pornography.



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