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Previously discussed in Futur(s) 15 “Safe Tech”, the future of technology is now translating into healthcare and consumer wellbeing. At the CES 2016 tradeshow, a growing trend of technology helping humans for health and safety benefits was a major topic of discussion. Peclers Paris glances at the top favorites related to technology and health at this year’s CES.

L’Oreal – La Roche-Posay My UV Patch

L’Oreal’s newest innovation is designed to notify overexposure of UV ray when the wearer is under the sun for a certain period of time. A stretchable, super-slim patch reacts with photosensitive dyes and changes color when exposed to the sunlight. Based on Skin Cancer Foundation research, 90% of melanoma skin cancers are related to ultraviolet radiation, and the new UV Patch will remind users to avoid the sun and use sunscreen.

1-2. © L’Oréal MY UV PATCH

Nadi Fitness Tights

A growing fascination with various yoga trends has entered into wearable technology. Nadi tights communicate on the body to correct yoga forms, as the frequency of vibration becomes a reminder for better postures and fitness goals.  The new real-time advanced wearable technology brings great advantages in enhancing postures, as maintaining a good posture can reduce spinal disk problems and constricted blood vessels and nerves.

1-2. © we:ex

Withings Thermo Infrared Thermometer

A thermometer incorporated with design innovation, the latest health gadget created by Withings French tech company monitors temperature using 16 infrared sensors with accuracy in simply two seconds. A revolutionary product in home healthcare, the thermometer connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to keep track on mobile phones and is silent to avoid disturbing a sleeping child. 

1-2. © Withings

Sleep Number x12 Bed

This smart bed watches you while you sleep. Manufacturer Sleep Number introduced a voice-activated bed that monitors and improves the quality of sleeping habit. The bed can adjust to fit the body’s comfort level and firmness, while tracking every sleep move, such as breathing and heart rate, while connected to a portable device. As sleep deprivation can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, Sleep Number’s x12 Bed is in effort to solve these health issues through their latest breakthrough technology.

1-2. © Sleep Number