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With the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show), that annual check-in for the latest innovations in electronics, having just drawn to a close, here’s a little update on the big upcoming trends in smart beauty, a new fast-growing sector.


The starting point for smart objects is the sports market, with a vast array of items such as bracelets that act as personal trainers: they calculate, analyze and motivate. The new development this year, as we explore in the Glamcore theme of the FW 17-18 Beauty trend book, is the evolution of designs toward more refinement and sophistication: now the order of the day is ‘smart jewelry’. These bracelets no longer stop at just functionality: they’re becoming real ornaments, and the technological look is disappearing little by little, being replaced by style.

Think The Socialite Collection by American brand Wisewear, an ‘haute-couture’ bracelet launched in partnership with famous fashion icon Iris Apfel. Meanwhile June by Netatmo measures UV exposure, in order to prevent premature skin aging. The design was devised by Camille Toupet, who has designed for Boucheron and Dinh Van.

1. The socialite collection © wisewear.com 2. June © junebynetatmo.com


The hit projects at the CES were those to offer a real made-to-measure approach. A small revolution in the care sector that should catch the interest of more than one R&D center… Right now this is still limited to the high-end market segment, but we can imagine that in the medium term, these cosmetics machines of the future will become more affordable.

French start-up Romy has launched Figure, a sort of ‘Nespresso of beauty care’ that uses an analysis of the climate, stress and tiredness levels to create personalized daily care products. This simple-to-use machine, featured in the Radical Clash theme of our FW 17-18 Beauty trend book, adapts the doses of active ingredients on a day-by-day basis, and you refill it with ultra-targeted single dose capsules.

Activ’feel by Feeligold is a global beauty solution that marries LED with the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents. There are two photo-dynamic techniques that activate collagen, fibroblasts and elastin, for a plumping effect. Activ’feel also works in synergy with care products to improve the bio-availability of active ingredients and increase their effectiveness on the skin.

1. Figure © romy-paris.com 2. Activ’feel © feeligold.com