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Feb 06, 2018Julie Dao Duy

From January 30 to February 1, 2018 was held the Munich Fabric Start trade show, the first textile event of the spring-summer 2019 season. Focus on the strong points and favorites of this new edition, which is firmly focused on fantasy: effects holograms, fluidity and liquid aspects!


– The rainbow holograms , omnipresent on the living room, intensify the cloakroom in fun and festive version. ( INSPIRATIONS theme SS19, theme Echappée terrestrial )

HEARTLOOK : Rainbow hologram thermoplastic film Frizza

–        The nudes and naturals were very present, too, in a slow and beneficent spirit, echoing the theme Without Filter of our book INSPIRATIONS SS19.

–         The blues , in electric shades to the most pastel , evoke the marine world, even underwater, for an ambitious activewear and strong.

HEART CRUSH : Technique with electric blue crisp coating from the manufacturer Duksung 

–        The green persimmons are back! Used as flags of the environmental cause, they confirm a growing commitment to eco-consciousness within the textile industry.



  • We note the omnipresence of sails of all kinds, for a season firmly placed under the sign of lightness and transparency!
  • All ecological materials and labels such as OEKO-TEX and GOTS are highlighted. There is also more visibility for manufacturers through forums reserved for them.

The « Seaqual » , recycled polyester based on waste from the sea is in the spotlight, especially at A. SAMPAIO & FILHOS .


– Tie to tie and dye effects of all kinds, from the most anticipated to the most innovative, including a thermochrome from TINTEX (see SS19 Products Fashion Notebook )

– The lace is modernizing by becoming macro !

Traditional Vichy with a vintage touch is back!

HEART: Print hawai / honolulu from Nuances


HEARTLOOK: Aliki Van Der Kruij s, « Made by rain »

Rocked from an early age by his grandfather and his passion for rain (which he notes all the variations in a notebook), she develops a technique that she calls the « pluviography » , capturing raindrops in the ink! The idea? « Record the beauty of the rain » . She sells a unique collection of 100% silk fabrics, customized by time, place and mm of rain!