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Gémo wanted to define their global brand strategy around the family store and to build strong brand consistency between the textile and footwear departments.

Agency solution

Peclers Paris implemeted its Brand & Style methodology to:

  • Define the transversal strategic vision of Gémo through relevant macro-trends
  • Create a “desirability diagnosis” for the brand
  • Revisit and boost the brand positioning (purpose, values, personality, mission, aspirational target)
  • Translate the revised brand position into brand experience design and activations (customer journey, brand voice, communications, visual identity)
  • Define a global style positioning for fashion and footwear departments : style values, global aesthetic territories, offer structures, segmentation parameters (women, men and kids).

Pragmatic and actionable brand and style platforms that easily allowed teams to implement recommendations were put in place. The new Mieux label was created, the in-store customer journey was redesigned, and the style and structure of the collections were modernized.

Who is Gémo?

Gémo is a French fashion & shoe retailer with the intention to become a key player with widespread reach by 2020.