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Super Ordinary, Universal glamour, Elevation and Sentimental Subversion all under the Christmas tree!
Discover 4 Christmas universes, directly inspired from the winter themes that we've brought to you since September. Along with a world tour of Christmas' windows displays, they reflect and confirm our season trends.

"Still Life"

1. Serendipity Window display, Christmas 2011, Paris 2. A small, enchanted world 3. Nostalgic imaging, all-over figurative patterns and shaded backgrounds 4. Just a little naive 5. Naturalistic home decor §. Printed duck tape for customized gift wrapping.

Intimate, close and common poetry adds a creative, ingenious, retro-arty extra soul to Christmas. Leaves, acorns, mushrooms, small birds... Jute fabric, wood, natural cardboard and raffia... A luxurious staging of modest elements and ingredients renews the genuine, Christmas traditions.

« Blue Mountain »

1. Selfridges Window display, Christmas 2011, London 2. Glacier-blue and dark night shades, faceted balls in origami geometry, PeclersParis creation 3. Frosted plastic balls and crystal pattern features in acrylic plastic. 4. Gift wrap in down jacket style and light font, PeclersParis creation.

Snow white, electric glacier-blue, icy, frosted, and crystallized materials... Ice lace, crystals and shimmering stars... Christmas is on the heights, in the light and cold, in a modern, edgy form, far from sumptuous baroque or traditional folk. 

"Acid-sweet romance" 

1. Sonia Rykiel Window display, Christmas 2011, Paris 2. Poetic staging in an imaginary world 3. Little bell tree balls and “boa” garland in metallicized fringe 4. Winter tale snowglobe 5. Message written with a lipstick 6. cookies with acid-drop icing.

In dense pastel colours, marshmallowed rose and orange, artificial lavender and Matcha, or in bleached, neon brights, traditional romanticism is filtered through the tenderly squeaky notes of modernity. Surfaces are coated with mercury, glossy, glittery or fluffy, while decor is both naive and gracious, in between slight flowers and mythical bestiary. A fairytale world mildly messed up for a strange, dreamlike Christmas.

« Splendor »  

1. Bergdorf & Goodman Window display, Christmas 2011, NYC 2. Embossed or printed candles, folded rosettes to hang or stand, PeclersParis creation. 3. Luxury ornamental wrappings 4. Christmas items in high jewellery style to hang 5. Prestige disposable table place mats and crockery.

Sumptuous, abundant ornaments, with bling-bling details... Christmas will be rich and spectacular, in gold and copper shades, punctuated with mysterious, lacquered black, and mixed with oriental splendour. Refined opulence heats up the holidays.