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Munich, September 4-5-6, 2012

As with each season, 4 trend forums showed different fabric impulses, mixing the men’s and women’s sectors from more « dressy » to more casual.

(women, dressy, formal)

A somber baroqueness that seems inspired by « film noirs » between Dracula and night owls.

Colors : a range of filtered darks revolving around blacks and fake blacks. Intense night tones : blackened browns, sumptuous carmine reds, pines and blue-greens lightened up by precious golds and indigo blues.

Key fabric points :
- cotton/elastane dobbies in tone-on-tones with discrete novelty effects
- blood red, almost animal-like hairy woolens
- metallic and metallicized laces
- needled, cloqué, technical fabrics that resemble carapaces
- crisp, couture cotton sateens
- smooth, sheared, glossy cotton velvets
- new silkies such as suppler taffetas

We retain the many glossy effects, muffled shine and reflective games.
Lots of surface effects, there are no simple fabrics, each material has an added value. The importance of silky fabrics inspired by haute couture.

The next two themes are close yet complementary : the decorative strength of mix & match.

(women, more everyday)
more precious

(Men, women, more junior)
more rustic

Play as artist decorators by using daring, overcharged patterns.
An almost fragmented harmony for an opulent, mix & match silhouette.
An homage to Gianni Versace in the image of the Frenetic theme developed by Peclers Paris.
Everything associates rich decorations from around the world.

Colors : colorful, intense, sometimes dissonant ranges. We shake up browns and classic reds with 70’s oranges and electric violets. We dare kitsch associations of emerald greens with vermilion reds or dead-leaf ochres with blackened purples.

Key fabric points :
- new, geometric tie prints with a 70’s Miu Miu inspiration
- prints and jacquards of giant scrolling borrowed from tapestries used during the Enlightenment period on couture fabrics such as taffeta or fluid satin.
- very visual, tweeded, slubbed maxi weaves and knits
- real, long-haired, colored furs like fox in dark teal, orange and carmine red.
- more tweeded woolens, but extremely unctuous and thicker in knits and wovens
- oriental-inspired dobbies with recolored giant palm leaves and paisleys
- a few panne velvets
-  cottons embellished with velvet scrolling appliqued like sheared satin
- wools/cottons in pixelized, vintage tapestry prints

We retain the smooth, precious jacquards, graphic, tweeded wools with ultra-comfy hands and visually rich, shimmery, couture dobbies.
These two forums only showed either prints or fabrics with textured effects 

(Men, women)

A modern romanticism, a delicate design inspired by the colorful innocence of the 50’s and 60’s. A story of cozy, reassuring, ultra-modern shapes.

Colors : a soft range awakened by energetic apricot and fluorescent pink accents. Pearl gray, cool beiges and creamy white associate with rosewood, aqua and faded blue.

Key fabric points :
- cool, snuggly, fakely smooth fluids in super-soft colors
- double-faced, a colored, heathered jersey front and an unctuous back in apricot polar fleece
- warm jersey blends in cotton/alpaca wool
- two-tone graphics : white cotton embroidered with aqua, borrowed from a summertime look
-  heavy, hairy woolens in comfy tweeds
- mossy double-crepes in synthetic fabrics or artificial fibers

We retain the more unctuous, thicker wools in knits and wovens.