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Roubaix, 2012

CETI, European Center of Innovative Textiles, Roubaix, 2012

A few words about the Futurotextiles exhibit that took place during Lille 3000, in late 2012 at the new, extremely designed CETI building situated in the industrial wastelands of Roubaix.

The exhibit is now in Paris at the Cité des Sciences from February 5 to July 14, 2013. 

The exhibit’s connecting thread was to present surprising fabrics, designs and artwork alongside highly functional projects, medical developments, etc…

Thus we saw the same type of circuit as in earlier Futurotextile shows : PROTEX, CLOTHTEX, SMARTEX, SPORTEX, MEDTEX, MOBILTEX, HOMETEX, BUILDTEX, GEOTEX, WELLTEX.

Despite the technical names, all the fabrics were extremely esthetic, often made by designers and creators from around the world. In our area - fashion - here are a few examples :

- Ying Gao’s intangible PLAYTIME dress made in SUPER ORGANZA, the world’s lightest fabric, manufactured by AMAIKE.- A dress in an organic fabric made from red wine bacteria cultures : MICRO’BE’ by Donna Franklin & Gary Cass

- The photo-catalytic, purifying HERSELFDRESS by Helen Storey.

and many others pieces that were just as surprising …

We loved the project for a spatial elevator which could link a satellite to earth … a utopic project ? …  The only thing missing is the cable !!!!

To visit and re-visit at the Cité des Science in Paris