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Jan 06, 2021

As part of our partnership with the Maison&Objet trade show, Patricia Beausoleil, Director of the Home, Environments & Design sector reveals her inspirational portrait.

Patricia unveils: a useful object, a futile object, a favorite object, a souvenir object and a fetish object.


Patricia Beausoleil portrait.

Patricia Beausoleil

For more than 30 years I have been lucky enough to practice a profession of passion that gives me the luxury of thinking that I never really work, whereas my activity finally proves to be permanent.

Deciphering the cultural or societal signs that will make the aesthetic trends and relevant concepts of tomorrow is not limited to the time spent at the Peclers Paris agency where I manage the environment and design department, it is the result of a receptive state of each moment.

The world is my workspace, my many travels, a singular encounter, the emotion procured by the discovery of an artist or a work, the visit of an exhibition… are all sources of inspiration to imagine tomorrow’s trends.

In recent months, the world that I love to travel and observe has more often been reduced to the space of my Parisian apartment. My computer screen has thus become the daily window that I open with curiosity on this world full of creative energy.

A useful objet.

In my opinion, the objects around me are all useful, not always with the idea of simple functionality, but their simple presence in space and the visual harmony they give off can in itself justify their usefulness.

Having to choose a resolutely “useful” object, then the office created by Christophe Delcourt and on which I have been working for more than 20 years would be the chosen one! I really like the work of this designer that I have followed from the beginning, his creations illustrate a sensitive, fair and elegant design to which I am sensitive.

Delcourt desk

A futile object.

Dorothée Loriquet sculpture


A sculpture of Dorothée Loriquet placed on a shelf, it cohabits with this small rocking chair found in a flea market in Provence. These two objects form an improbable and endearing couple that symbolizes part of what appeals to me in design, for her the sensuality of organic lines that untie and intertwine and for him the simplicity coupled with the right balance. A dialogue between emotion and reason that is ultimately not so futile.

A favorite object.

Discovered in St Sulpice last October, these chamotte earthenware plates from Coralie Seigneur are my latest favorite.

Coralie Seigneur ceramics

I enthusiastically collect the handmade ceramics and terracotta containers that have invaded the shelves of my kitchen over the years, my apartment having become a new office space since this spring, they are also part of my daily life at work.

I passionately collect the handmade ceramics and terracotta containers that have flooded the shelves of my kitchen over the years, my apartment having become a new office space since this spring, they are also part of my daily life at work.

Like so many markers of time, the paintings of my son Felix partly decorate the walls of my apartment, each of them is the memory of a period, a witness to the evolution of his work and his personality.

A fetish object.

These three “Inrō” are objects brought back successively from my travels in Japan, found in the flea markets around the temples of the Tokyo suburbs, references to an Asian culture to which I am particularly sensitive.

These small pill or tobacco boxes, ancestrally worn by Japanese men on the belt of their kimonos, have gradually become for me secret boxes that decorate the shelves of my office.

Find Patricia’s interview on  “Le Magazine” de Maison&Objet, section “At Work With”.

Next appointment on March 3, 2021 for an exclusive digital conference Peclers x Maison&Objet. Stay tuned for more information!

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