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May 06, 2019Sandrine Maggiani

Meet the first of the Casa 93 students currently being mentored by Elisabeth Prat, Fashion Director, and Justine Hamelin, Department Director and Style Director at Peclers Paris: Marvin. We spoke with each student independently to understand their passion for fashion as well as their motivations and commitments. Each, in their own way, bears witness to the necessity of believing in one’s convictions, “culture”, talent and dreams. Because, as Casa 93 founder Nadine Gonzalez said in her interview“Everything is possible!”

Student portraits in a spontaneous question/answer version: Who are you? Marvin, age 23 Where does your passion for fashion come from? I have always been very aware of materials and colors … I’m very curious by nature and passionate about the culinary arts, history, contemporary art. I studied applied arts, these disciplines made me realize that fashion was what I felt closest to. What are your professional ambitions after your training at Casa 93? I would like to work in scenography or a trend agency since the methods used are transversal and multidisciplinary. In these places, we find designers, colorists, sociologists and photographers working together and I like the idea of combining skills and ways of looking at things to arrive at a communal vision. What place does sustainable and ethical development have in your vision of fashion, how can it be integrated into the creative process? The idea of sustainability relates to a respect for human rights and sustainable development to create a healthy, committed, transparent ecosystem that takes into account the future of fashion as I see it. What knowledge and skills would you like to acquire in doing this fashion project with Peclers? Through this partnership, I wish to learn everything in correlation with analyzing products, brands, consumer behavior – all the necessary steps to realize a trend book and its accompanying research process.



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