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Jun 24, 2020Lucille Gaultier x Sandrine Maggiani

The Beauty-Cosmetics sector had already started a transformation, but this unprecedented crisis is accelerating the need for profound changes. Because we are convinced that this particular period is a great opportunity to redefine tomorrow’s beauty, to give meaning and value to our actions and consumption, Lucille Gautier Beauty & Wellness Trend Director at Peclers shares her vision for a desirable and sustainable future.

Sandrine Maggiani: Since the beginning of the crisis in the beauty sector the cards  have been redistributed, what negative and positive impacts can already be identified ?


Lucille Gautier: The cosmetics industry, particularly the luxury goods industry, has been strongly impacted. While the pandemic is affecting some of the fundamental aspects of sales, the luxury industry is expected to contract between 20 and 35% in 2020 according to Bain & Company.

Conversely, the health, hygiene and personal-care segments saw a surge in sales. Online sales jumped by 52.6% and now account for almost 20% of L’Oréal turnover, according to the  group.

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated processes: delayed or stopped launches, fewer new products, frozen communication budgets, relaunches of existing products or “vintage” VS race for novelty.

Beyond the negative impact that cannot be denied, these accelerated changes have created an opportunity for brands to rethink time and rhythms that make sense again to give meaning to products and redefine consumption patterns that were already being questioned.

SM: In just a few months, what changes in consumer behavior have you observed, and what opportunities are they generating for the beauty and wellness industry?

LG : We have been observing that new sectors considered as “secondary” are now becoming priorities for consumers. The wellness and hygiene segment is exploding, personal care is becoming more sophisticated. Home-Care is also emerging as a promising new segment for cosmetic brands.

SM: Despite uncertainty, what convictions do you stand for to enable your clients to overcome the crisis?

LG: For 50 years, we have been constantly reinventing ourselves by observing the world around us. Today we are part of this change by proposing a new global approach. We have imagined a new formula for our Beauty offer, reconsidered, increased and updated in light of the changes in order to bring the best solutions to offer trends.

Coupled with our innovation strategy, a personalized method of creative transformation that enables us to develop creative concepts based on consumer insights, prospective studies and socio-cultural trends.

SM: In these troubled times, brands need new guidelines to capitalize on. What changes have you made to the Beauty & Wellness trendbook to stay ahead of  the market?

LG: To keep up with a fast-changing market, each year, in September, the BEAUTY & WELLNESS edition will propose 4 major themes based on 4 major trends. Each of these themes will be enriched with socio-cultural and market Key Trends, femininities and lifestyles, storytelling, exclusive colour ranges and their instructions for use, new innovative product concepts, new brands, ingredients, textures and material samples. In January and March, the Annual Edition will be supplemented by 2 digital updates with the latest emerging trends observed around the world.

We sincerely believe that this new approach will meet the needs of the market and our customers even better.Our consulting teams are available to work by your side.  To learn more about our offers, contact us