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Salon Who’s Next, September 2023

In a sea of plethoric offerings, where exhibitors often say they are bewildered and put at a disadvantage by their location or the lack of coherence between brands, visitors to trade fairs find themselves faced with haphazard confrontations that make it difficult to read what’s on offer. Underlying all this is a return to a product-centric vision, to a piece that stands on its own merits, and that goes straight to the heart of the matter. The stylistic corollary is a form of natural simplicity identified and described by Peclers Paris in May 2022 in the Spring Summer 2024 Inspirations Trendbook.

How can we stimulate desire? How can we stand out? What will trigger the choice?

“In Quest of the Right Product” is the approach that Elisabeth Prat, Director of Fashion at Peclers Paris, has set for herself. It is a treasure hunt that leads to quality, sustainable, and appealing products through their color, material, and shape. These are the “Conscious Products” we discuss in our trend books, offering a thoughtful approach and careful design for products that will endure, thus encouraging the pursuit of quality rather than quantity

These “right” products are often crafted with a Natural and Simple spirit, which corresponds to the theme highlighted in the Inspiration, Envisioning Futures trend book.

The “Simple Nature” theme presented in our Spring-Summer 2024 trend book explores a connection with nature and the aspiration for simplicity. It includes the concept of “Generous Elements” generous essentials, in sunny and bright colors, a reassuring essentialism based on the nourishing generosity of natural materials.

the right product
the right product

Seen on Who’s Next: radiant shades of yellow.

A sunny world in a medley of radiant yellows, inspired by the comforting textures of wax, butter, clay, and even honey, evokes a soothing and nourishing simplicity.

Seen on Who’s Next: linen, a comforting and earthy material.

Continuing with our “Simple Nature” theme for Spring-Summer 2024, we explore the concept of a “Light Bath”: a light and bright ambiance, refreshing colors softened by a watercolor effect that expresses refined simplicity.

the right product
the right product

Among the highlights of the “Simple Nature” theme presented in the Women’s Fashion Spring-Summer 2024 trend book, the following points can be noted:

A summer wardrobe in fresh cotton and basics without banality is feminized

Seen on Who’s Next: fresh and delicate cotton in fruity transparencies.

  • A return to the basics to rethink the cotton wardrobe without falling into banality.
  • Cultivating cotton’s climate adaptability, allowing for freshness, and emphasizing its lightness that enhances femininity.
  • The gentle and soothing effects of light are translated into fruity transparencies and fresh, delicate gradients.

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