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Translating into space, in 5 senses and 3 dimensions, prospective aesthetic universes is the task we undertook for the September 2023 edition of Maison&Objet exhibition. It’s about giving visitors the very essence of Seductive Expressiveness, Liberating Creativity, and Augmented Sensibility, the three expressions of ‘ENJOY: in quest of pleasures.’ The result: an exciting and inspiring break in the bustling atmosphere of the exhibition, to fully understand the tastes and lifestyles of the three consumer tribes identified by the agency.

“We didn’t want a space that would be a sort of buying guide or a simple curation of objects, no matter how precise,” explains Amélie Vergé, Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris. “The idea was to translate our methodology for analyzing consumption territories: starting from a prospective insight (in our language, a macro-trend, in this case, the emergence of new forms of hedonism), identifying tribes (which consumer targets?), and exploring their lifestyles in the most comprehensive way to generate product insights.

The challenge was to bring this logic to life in 3 dimensions within the 150m² space entrusted to us, allowing visitors to literally project themselves into it in an intuitive way, to experience it.”

Seductive expressiveness: Suede finish, combination of matte and glossy, glossy lacquered effect…

For the aesthetic translation and circulation principles, the theme itself and an initial selection of creations quickly inspired solutions. “We had several very plush, inflated pieces, with a lot of curves as well, which guided us towards the idea of undulation, something playful and soft that naturally evolved into a maze.

A maze that doesn’t aim to get people lost but, on the contrary, guides and accompanies the experience,” explains Charlotte Cazals, also Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris. “We designed three immersive spaces, like universes, each highlighting the lifestyle of one of the tribes and leading to the next in a fluid meandering journey.”

Three spaces built according to common principles:

  • A desire for openness, bridging the gap between everyday objects and rare pieces, between partner brands of the exhibition and actors who are not intended to participate but provide inspiring additions, between Maison&Objet and Paris Design Week.
  • Scenic settings designed as moments of life. Bedroom space, dining room, well-being area, blending beauty, design, leisure, jewelry, food, magazines, and books, to showcase the lifestyle of these consumer tribes.

  • A dialogue between materials (floors, walls, platforms, as well as samples) and objects, thanks to partnerships with leading manufacturers (such as Tarkett). An additional layer of meaning that helps immerse the visitor in the concept.
  • In each space, a strong gesture: Audrey Large and her 3D design in the first space, the giant cat Milù by Atelier Biagetti in the second space, and the sculptural lighting fixtures by Luca Zito in the third space.
  • And artistic interventions: floral and olfactory installation by Blumen in Seductive Expressiveness, live creation of objects by Diego Faivre in Liberating Creativity, and culinary design by Yuan Yuan Design Studio in Augmented Sensibility.
Diego Faivre: His concept of “Minute Manufacturing” reimagines our relationship with objects, their price, and reenchants our approach to production. The price of each piece is determined based on the time it takes to make it, at a rate of one euro per minute. He bases his practice on the playful recycling of materials that surround him.

Yuan Yuan Design Studio: Founded in Paris in 2014 by the eponymous designer, Yuan Yuan Design Studio explores the various dimensions of food through culinary art, culture, ecology, sociology, and health, creating unique sensory experiences.

An augmented reality journey complements the physical visit, providing more information about the featured designers, artists, and manufacturers and enhancing the experiential dimension.

‘ENJOY: in quest of pleasures’ decodes, through the realms of consumption, the lifestyles, and aesthetic territories of three consumer families, the emerging forms of hedonism that arise after a few years of introspection. Driven by a vital need for hope, individuals harness the power of collectivism to write a new, happy society that generates well-being and a good life. With creativity as the flag bearer of this zest for life, they adopt, almost naively, a philosophy of living in the present moment, feeling their way through. Our experts, Charlotte Cazals and Brune Ouakrat, will delve into this phenomenon for salon visitors on September 7, 2023, at 11 am CET (register now).

5 objects within INSPIRE ME! 

Pressure Stool, Tim Teven, Eindhoven 2022
Milù, Atelier Biagetti, Milan 2022

Carreaux de céramique, Studio GdB, Pays-Bas 2023
Tant que les fleurs existeront encore, Alexis Foiny, Paris 2021

Design culinaire, Yuan Yuan Design Studio, Paris 2023

Join us from September 7th to 11th at the heart of the exhibition, Hall 5A, to discover this immersive space!

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