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Oct 29, 2019

And what if a brand’s strength was found in its ability to emphasize different images of masculinity to meet the expectations of new generations who wish to go beyond gender stereotypes?

For the past few seasons, gender fluidity seems to have integrated itself in the fashion system, going beyond the mixed-sex character of numerous fashion shows. Designers continue exploring the idea of masculinity to meet the desires of younger generations who wish to assert their uniqueness and belong to a particular style tribe.

Classics have been remastered. Collections oscillate more easily between virility and sensuality and break down genders without actually feminizing the menswear vocabulary. There are now new ways for refinement (tinged with a certain preciousness) to connect with the aesthetic qualities of streetwear and urban outdoorwear.

This is not a literal interpretation. While a designer’s role is to translate the era into desirable products,  younger generations fully participate  are free to make their own mix.

Their uninhibited, post-gender appropriation of collections lets them distance themselves from traditional menswear styles and move wholeheartedly towards an assertive romanticism that can soften even the most formal outfits. Many collections bear witness to this greater freedom, typifying a generation that imposes a break with long-standing masculine codes. We see a resurgence of pastels, pink tones, bright colors, floral prints or allover leopard motifs and the unrestricted use of soft and silky materials or the airy shine. Plus a preference for wide, supple cuts, new suits worn against the skin, “deep V necks”, tunic shirts – or dresses- and very short shorts …

This is not a wish to shock but rather a desire for delicateness as seen at Acne, Dior, Vuitton, Loewe, Sies Marjan …These brands, with thirty-something designers at the helm, mix everything they like, distancing themselves from established paths while avoiding extremes to offer exceptionally diverse styles, colors and propositions.

New Cool is no longer a question of virility but rather of sensitivity, of a call to freedom that echoes “Romance”, one of the themes in our Men’s S/S 21 trend book. This style story makes classics suppler and goes beyond the concept of gender to create a neo-coolness where elegance rhymes with sensuality.

The Peclers Paris teams decipher and renew men’s fashion along with you to meet these new lifestyles and consumer typologies. We created Peclers Archestyles solutions. They allow you to better capture and interpret these evolutions based on the values of each lifestyle.

Our seasonal trend books and consulting teams are available to inspire your creative processes and accompany you as you conceive your products and collections to reconcile your brand objectives with today’s consumer aspirations.

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