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Sep 29, 2020Sandrine Maggiani

The current global situation has forced the retail industry to accelerate the transformation of its model to adapt to a ” cross-channel ” reality. While we have stepped into the all-digital era, the retail of the future will be more than ever “at the service of the people”. Now that consumers have integrated sanitary precautions, brands must renew the physical experience in spaces where ” it feels good to live “.

Thuy Nguyen, founder of La Maison by Nad Yuht, , a concept of “home boutique”, shares 4 best-practices to understand “the new generation boutique” and its role in this new retail environment.

images courtesy of La Maison by Nad Yuht

“My ambition in creating La Maison by Nad Yuht is to put inspiration at the core of the shopping experience. To make customers feel good, “just like at home. »

1.The store, a place for new shopping and lifestyle experiences

“The store is organized as a living space: from the living room, to the bedroom, to the kitchen! Decoration, groceries, cosmetics… A personal interpretation of a home where it feels good to live.”

How to :

The boutique becomes a setting in which the sincerity of the selection is linked to the emotional experience. The objects are put in situation to allow customers to transpose them into their living space, to recreate inspiring universes, to project themselves, to host, to imagine themselves in their own home.

2.The IRL place, sharing experiences with your community

“Beyond the objects, the experience is also lived through exchanges in a convivial and hybrid place: Lemonade on the table and homemade cake to share with your community”.

How to :

The store becomes a gathering place with a community:

A meeting and cultural space that regularly hosts workshops and entertaining events directly linked to the brand and where the community comes to live and share a unique experience.

A sharing space that extends digitally through social networks and the e-shop, to allow customers who do not have access to the IRL space, to order the pieces seen and shared.

A place that says yes to the “local”, through the choice of products, collaborations, artists, craftsmen, friendly brands invited to share their know-how and products with the community.

3- The physical space, catalyst of the personalized experience

“Once a week, the store is privatized to offer one-hour appointments to customers who wish to be advised on their decoration or guided in their purchases”.

How to :

A place of curation, where by appointment, a choice of products, a collection…are presented exclusively to a group of customers selected according to your communication strategy.

A shop in shop that welcomes a guest brand for a pop-up or a collaboration.

A click-&-collect place where you can receive your order in person and share a moment of discovery around a selection of products of the brand you ordered.

4- The window, new storytelling

In the shop window, the scenography and product selections play with the codes of intimacy and blur the boundaries to go from “story telling” to “story living”.

How to :

The shop window becomes an invitation to travel as effective as an advertisement, especially if it is communicated on instagram and social networks. Designing a window that stands out is the best way to convey an inspiring message about the brand and its product selection.

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