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Fashion Stylist at Peclers Paris, Alice Desideri shares with us her experiences, inspirations & hobbies.

Who Am I?

Swiss-army knife fashion stylist type, working in men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids, environment, trend books, consulting… everything under the sun.

House specialty : men’s fashion and accessorizes.

Franco-italian, caught between two countries, two cultures, two social backgrounds. The perfect cocktail to become either nuts, or open-minded and adaptable : )

Alice Desideri - Fashion Stylist

My professionnal life

After my studies, I experienced the brooooaaaaad spectrum of the famous “fashion wooooorld”: photo styling at Elle, editorial, communication at Louboutin (mmmm the heady perfume of leather and glue), studios (luxury) and factories (a bit creepy) in London…  just to be 100% sure…to master everything perfectly…

Yes my dream job was in a trends office…and not just any random one…at Peclers Paris !

Why? Because it’s simply the best in the business – and no, I am not paid to say this, it’s for free, it comes straight from the heart.

No time for boredom, always something new to discovery with wonder, “starter, main course, dessert”, always new challenges as a fashion stylist even after 7 years spent rue du Mail.

Fashion Stylist

People often has difficulties to understand our profession. They imagine us as sort of crazy fortune tellers, wearing a satin turban (“only a Hermès one please”- with a posh Parisian accent).  And it is kind of true, there is something quite instinctive, sensitive and almost mystical in our approach.

So, to keep it simple in a rational way, I would say that our job is a mix between sociology, marketing and creation /or/ to try to understand the complexity and history of human beings within society. It’s about coming to terms with everything, from the most mainstream production to the most underground whisper, let it decant, then consider how this could evolve and finally translate it aesthetically.

Fashion Stylist

Originally, I studied political science and then moved to an alternative fashion school. I tried to keep a sense of analysis and rigor mixed with creativity. Quite exciting exercise !

What a union : sociology and great storytelling. And I think that’s what the brands we work with are looking for.

Sometimes it feels like working on an essay but with colors, materials, volumes and poetry. There is a question to research, and we will answer it through three points – or rather three beautiful stories.

After this we support our dear clients, we adapt to their needs, their brand identity and their requests.

Another major point is to give meaning, to instill certain values in an industry that is now increasingly criticized. We have to engage more clearly and firmly, but always with a sense of humor, transparency, good taste and lightness

Together, side by side, we do our best to move towards more ethical fashion in social, economic and environmental dimensions…yes dreaming is also a part of the job : )

My personnal life

“Hands and a head”- it would make a good thriller title, wouldn’t it? During my spare time, I’m keen on making shoes and leather goods. I love that !

Actually, manual know-how and brain activity always proceed together, it feels so great!

Otherwise, other odd hobbies : an addiction to tear gas and gatherings on the pave, cinema (all kinds combined, but a lot of Gialli), a raw passion for traveling alone in fearful corners or stumbling by chance on some hidden treasures (such as Francisco Salamone’s Arts Déco constructions), spending hours and hours and hours in buses / trains / and soon motorbikes, reading books (currently The Hidden Dimension of Edward T. Hall), destroy my ears at gigs (or right now just Kakhuri of the Georgian trio Mandili), collecting busts of some controversial politicians, walking for kilometers in nature, chatting with strangers on benches, surprising my taste buds, to loiter in provincial auctions, leafing through piles of art books while looking at INA archives and so on…

Find me on Instagram @_elettrapage_

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