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Senior Youth Gen Stylist, Accessories and Sportswear at Peclers, Dinah Sultan shares with us the challenges of her job, her inspirations and her passions.

Who I am

Senior Youth Gen Stylist, Accessories and Sportswear. You can find me on Instagram @Dinahmyte

My professional life

2021 will be my seventh year with the agency after 5 years of life in retail. Arriving in the accessories sector, I was able to express my passion for urban fashion through the previous “Pulse” trend book, but above all to develop sportswear consulting projects. I had the recent opportunity to co-create the Fashion Living Lab with Elisabeth Prat about fashion and its commitments, a subject that is particularly close to my heart.

Today Youth trends are much more subject to change and require special attention to distinguish fleeting from long-term trends. Combining a socio-cultural and aesthetic approach is the major challenge of tomorrow, to advise brands on form but especially on substance. In a sector that is more and more exposed, it is our duty to guide, explain and accompany our clients in the best possible way while remaining inspiring.

My personal life

Inspired by creation and the alternative biennials, I have been practicing ceramics for several years now and set up my project after the first lockdown. It’s a space for free and unconstrained creative expression that allows me to let go and express my love of design and color.

Passionate about hip-hop and soccer, I draw my energy and inspiration from stadiums and concert halls. I look forward to their reopening.

You can also find me on @dinahcarosserie et @dinahsketch