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Feb 11, 2021

PECLERS TALENT. Discover Laura Meytadier’s portrait. Graphic designer, she shares with us her background, her passions and her artistic projects.

Who I am

I am Laura, graphic designer at Peclers Paris.

I’m part of the graphic studio, I work on the layout of the trend books and consulting projects.

Swiss Army Knife of the studio, I can make videos and photography. I especially like making immersive videos for the trend books and working on the shooting of fabrics for example.

My professional life

Curious and passionate about fashion, I enjoy every day participating in the creation of tomorrow’s trends. After graduating from the ECV school of Bordeaux and after a spontaneous application I got the job of my dreams at Peclers. I have just celebrated my first year with the agency.


I learned a lot during this very special first year. What I like about Peclers is the passion that drives each person who works there and the pleasure of sharing their knowledge.


Today, with free access to creative tools, anyone can create content quickly and easily. While graphics is not just about aesthetics. It responds to laws, rules, and needs.


My personal life

I listen to a lot of music, especially English rock from today and the 80’s.

My inspirations are new wave films, the Bauhaus movement, Scandinavian design, the artists Jacques Villeglé and David Carson, the photographers Bruce Davidson and Sebastien Zanella.

Between two boxing classes, I take pictures of concerts and friends that I like to stage.


My next artistic challenge is to expose a series of collages in which the human, material, mineral and aquatic elements intertwine. Black and white stories inspired by music at nightfall. I invite you to visit my website or to like my instagram @laura_mtd_.