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Sep 10, 2019Sandrine Maggiani

Every month, Peclers Paris shares its entire adventure with Casa 93, a free school that helps to make fashion careers accessible to young people. This month Peclers gives the microphone  to Mia, a student from the Casa.

Sandrine Maggiani : What is your name?

 Mia, age 21

 SM: Where does your passion for fashion come from?

Mia: I first studied art but the program was too conceptual for me. I felt the need to move towards more concrete, committed projects and this inspired me to enroll in Casa 93.

SM: What are your professional ambitions after your training at Casa 93?

Mia: After my studies at Casa, I would like to study at IFM and get a Bachelor of Arts and Fashion design, so I can associate techniques and skills to feel more complete in my creations.

SM: What place does sustainable and ethical development have in your vision of fashion, how can it be integrated into the creative process?

Mia: To be a young designer today means knowing how to  take responsibilities, slow down, stop overproduction and the fast fashion process. Adopting recycling to find positive solutions for waste to give it an aesthetic, creative and qualitative image. Fashion tomorrow is about Upcycling, we no longer have any other choice.

SM: What knowledge and skills do you wish to acquire in doing this fashion project with Peclers?

Mia: Having the opportunity to develop my sense of observation and be able to meticulously analyze our world and its consumers. It also means learning to be autonomous, being able to convince others, asserting a viewpoint about the value of one’s research.