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Jul 08, 2020Sandrine Maggiani

What are the “right” reasons to create a fashion brand when the future is still uncertain?  Here are the best practices of Charlotte Linnea Björklund , Linnea Lund founder  

In 2019, after over a decade in the fashion system travelling across Italy to work with weavers and textile manufacturers, the Swedish Charlotte Linnea Björklund created a mixed, trans-generational and “timeless” brand of cashmere sweaters and accessories that she designs as eternal, durable and ethical “objects”.

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The system must reinvent itself now. The priorities are to return to fundamentals such as creativity, respect for the time required to manufacture the garments, the revalorisation of artisanal know-how, proximity, sustainability and ethics. The choice of an agile business model and a controlled production and distribution chain are essential, plus, the sincerity of a personal and spontaneous storytelling.

Best practices for creating a sustainable and long-lasting brand ecosystem:


A personal story directly shared to convey an authentic message of love and togetherness. Family and friendship memories that can be shared with sincerity with her transgenerational and inclusive community.  Transmitting through a sweater, a scarf, a cashmere accessory her appreciation of the beauty, the quality, the rarity that she wants to preserve, the emotions that these pieces revive.

An emotional product. It is by imagining cashmere scarves for her mother and her “adoptive” mother that Charlotte decided to create her brand, “Linnea Lund”. A limited collection, easy to understand and to associate, high-quality but without the distance that luxury implies.

A brand name that echoes her story. It is the association of her middle name, which was given to all the women of her family line, and Lund, which means group, community, tribe. Her community is consulted to give their opinion and try unisex products before and during their creation.


A purpose based on reasonable production, meticulous tailoring that underlines the importance of producing less and better, perpetuating know-how, heritage and transmission, and proving that alternatives to the systems imposed by the fashion industry are possible.

A business model built on “conscious” / responsible growth. Margins are kept to a minimum and the traditional retail strategy is avoided in order to offer an affordable range of luxury products.

Proximity and the mutualisation of expertise are at the heart of the development strategy. Cashmere yarns come from a family business in Italy and are knitted 15 km from the spinning mill in a knitting factory that produces very small quantities.

Rigorous control of quantities and pre-orders. Each product is made on demand and finalized by Charlotte’s mother who sews the label and acts as quality control manager.


Respect for natural resources, humans and animals to create an agile brand that combines meaning and profitability shared with all the partners while fostering social and environmental values.

Offer total traceability and transparency of the animal in Mongolia to the 100% Italian production. The aim is for consumers to know the history of the product in order to make an conscious decision about their purchase.

Collaborate with the non-profit organization ACD, which provides jobs for disabled people, by making the packaging of some Linnea Lund products made from Jacquard leftovers from a prestigious Italian textile company.

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