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Maison&Objet has called on Peclers Paris to design the inspirational theme for its next edition (18-22 January 2024). TECH EDEN: a new natural awakening, explores the profound evolution in the relationship between science and nature, as the basis for a sustainable and desirable future. The theme will be brought to life by Peclers Paris’ prospectivists and designers as part of the tradeshow’s inspiration forum: INSPIRE ME!. This season, the forum will be dedicated to the future of hospitality.


While the notions of tech and Eden may seem antithetical, it is at the crossroads of these two worlds that the contours of a sustainable and desirable world are taking shape. New technologies are the object of suspicion, but they are not the monopoly of a modern man incapable of reason and sobriety, in a virtual battle against the natural world. On the contrary, they can be tremendous assets in building a resilient and desirable future.

This conviction that a possible depolarisation of the tension between nature and culture is urgently needed is already emerging in many stories inventing futuristic worlds that harmoniously combine nature and technology (the tremendous success of Avatar 2, for example). Science fiction is on a roll, inspiring not only new aesthetics but also new advances in society.

Uchronie, Vincent Fournier, French Museum of Hunting and Nature, 2023
Avatar 2, The Way of Water, 2023


At the crossroads of futurism and scientific reality, it seems possible to dream of a new Eden, one that is resolutely and consciously optimistic. It’s time for what futurologist Kevin Kelly has called “protopia”. A third way between utopia and dystopia, demonstrating that, yes, it is realistic to take a positive view of the future. A future where life has improved thanks to real, accessible tools born of the nature/technology dialogue. A future where:

  • This dialogue inspires a repertoire of forms that are both dreamlike and technical.
  • Sustainability is a prerequisite whose aesthetic expression does not exclude magic and sensoriality.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a tool for creating new sensory worlds.
  • Technology, via interactive immersive tools, is a source of everyday well-being.
  • Our lifestyles and consumption patterns bear witness to a new natural and technical awakening.
Seadpods, Ocean builders, Panama, 2023
Vehicle – Solar Habitat, Launch Edition, Aptera, USA, planned 2024


To embody the new aspirations underpinning this tech/nature depolarisation, Peclers Paris has imagined the prospective tribe of Chimeric Sensitives. Highly attentive to their well-being and constantly on the lookout for sensations, these individuals are particularly attracted by the immersive aspect of new technologies. Imaginative and connected to the natural world, they seek to create a dreamlike biophilic environment that is resolutely unexpected, even slightly strange.

Their living spaces are designed to encourage this sensory awakening through contact with nature. Sensory synaesthesia is at the heart of their vision of well-being. They dream of spaces where scents, sounds, lights and VR immersions immerse them in mythical, even mystical, landscapes to give them a change of scenery in both body and mind.

Spa Laurea, Savoy Signature, Portugal, 2023
Ines Alpha & Ada Sokol for Clarins Official, Instagram, 2023


For this year’s Maison&Objet, Peclers Paris has applied this forward-looking scenario to the challenges of hospitality, and is showcasing the results of this research at the heart of the show’s Hospitality Lab (Hall 6) in the INSPIRE ME! inspiration forum. The result is the Garden of the Future installation, a space made up of three biophilic escape capsules built around natural rhythms: the wellness café, sports at the station and the spa room (more on this in a forthcoming series of articles).

The starting point? Expecting new forms of escapism, visitors to hospitality venues will in the medium term want them to be more than just functional spaces for them to pass through. To stop those visitors, prolong their visit and, above all, keep them coming back, the hospitality industry will be using hybridation and events to transform their venues into unique, unexpected, sensitive and versatile experiences. All with well-being as a guiding principle, no longer as a “bonus” but as the common thread of life. Well-being will then become the organizing principle of daily life, and will be expressed here in respect for biophilic rhythms and its different phases: awakening, active and regenerative.

Brune Ouakrat & Charlotte Cazals talk to you about TECH EDEN and immerse yourself in this world at the crossroads of science and nature:

  • Maison&Objet, 18-22 January 2024, Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
  • Forum INSPIRE ME! by Peclers Paris: Garden of the future, Hall 6
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