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With ambitious goals and celebrating its 10 years anniversary, GU must reaffirm their strategy to become a global brand and expand overseas.

GU called upon Peclers Paris to lead a desirability diagnosis and provide strategic recommendations through a complete brand and style analysis.

Agency solution

Peclers worked with GU using a customized, 3-step approach to:

  • Create a desirability diagnosis : brand DNA, competitive environment, emerging social cultural trends.
  • Define brand positioning and style orientations : based on findings and conclusion from the analysis phase, Peclers refined the GU brand platform (purpose, values, personality, mission, etc.) and provided recommendations on brand aesthetic and style territories.
  • Developed a brand and style experience : brand experience design, including visual identity, communications directions, voice, as well as style positioning, segmentation and seasonal collections.

Peclers defined a new Brand platform for GU (Men, Women, Kids – clothing & accessories), including a manifesto unveiled through video.

Who is Gu?

GU launched in Japan 10 years ago as a Fast Retailer, and is now one of the 3 leading global apparel manufacturers and retailers in the world.