Beauty & Wellness Issue 23: back to a powerful beauty!

Immerse yourself in the mood of our new Beauty & Wellness edition 23 trend book.

After the reign of trends focusing on Essentials and Sustainability, necessary to move the needle and take stock of the alarming state of the world, the cosmetics industry is tapping a new dynamic centered on creative boldness and innovation.

  • Make-up is making a strong comeback driven by the desire to stand out using bold colors and effects.
  • Long relegated to a secondary role, men’s influences are now a compelling source of inspiration.
  • Innovation is once again considered fascinating for its discoveries related to life and scientific progress.
  • Green attitudes are taking a new look at the power of synthetics to embrace a more harmonious future.
  • Customization options are gaining ground for those who no longer feel they fit into clear-cut categories.
  • And finally, the explosive growth of alternative, even esoteric, skincare is leading to the creation of “soul care” concepts that promise a more global approach to wellbeing.

This essential tool allows you to identify major socio-cultural trends and creative trends for the beauty and cosmetics industry

Our Beauty & Wellness trend book use our Archestyles® methodology: a new methodology to decipher the evolution of consumers and brands.

In a world where trend cycles are accelerating constantly, new gender expressions are rapidly appearing or disappearing. This frantic pace, accompanied by the growing complexity of today’s society, is revealing the limitations of traditional market segmentation models when it comes to identifying consumers’ expectations and aspirations. To better understand and analyze these changes, Peclers Paris has developed a unique methodology, which is both qualitative and dynamic: the Archestyles®.

Archestyles® allows for a more subtle understanding of individuals’ desires, and make it possible to better meet their expectations when it comes to products, services, in-store experiences, etc. Peclers Paris’ trend books define the Archestyles® from a projective viewpoint, enrich them and adjust them dynamically to current trends.

We support the beauty and well-being players in asserting their creativeness by crossing our socio-cultural beauty, colour, fashion expertise… to enable them to understand and fulfil new consumer attitudes, restore the balance between nature and science, multiply the sources of creativity and innovation and reassess our relationship with time.