Over the past few seasons, the drive to make cosmetics more responsible and committed has accelerated. Seeking to play their part in this virtuous circle, the beauty and wellness industries are now joining this quest for better balance as a way to serenely face the future. Restoring the balance between nature and science, new sources of creativity and innovations providing novel benefits. The revival of the essence of hedonism, in which joy and simplicity are in perfect balance. Reestablishing a balance in our relationship to time, between history and cultural heritage, past and modernity, and all push for progress in the emergence of a harmonious and lasting beauty.

Restoring balance

I see Peclers Paris every season – bringing my strategy, my ideas and the mood I’m trying to evoke – so their color, style and forecasting experts can guide the creative and strategic color recommendations I need.
L'Oreal Paris Eva Yean VP Product Development
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