What will be the major color trends for the Spring-Summer 2025 season? Get inspired and unleash your creativity with our essential Colors SS25 book, available in combination with our Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) SS25 book – the essential pack to kick off your season. Get ahead of the game and decipher the color trends to adopt in your collections.

This season sees bright and very dark tones become rarer. They recede in favor of soft and medium shades, whites and off-whites, which are given added prominence and highlighted by texture.

Their shades are deployed in subtle gradations or serve as a backdrop for more distinctive hues, sometimes as a signature color.

The season tends to be warm… oranges make the palette shine, taking over from yellows. Reds assert themselves in total looks or contrast with neutrals and whites. They combine their impact with intense pinks, while creamy pinks evoke indulgence and pleasure.

In contrast, greens and blues bring freshness. Grays assert themselves in the summer universe, available in multiple shades and textures, even with a metallic effect.

The Colors SS25 book showcases Peclers Paris’ 45 exclusive colors for the season, divided into 7 ranges, reflecting our unique expertise in color developed over 50 years. All of our colors are exclusive and carefully crafted by hand.

It is a three-step working tool:

  • The Early Colors Card: the first color information of the season.
  • The trendbook: our 45 exclusive colors divided into 7 ranges.
  • A color confirmation by market, exclusively available on Peclers+.

These colors are available on detachable supports: paper, thread, and fabric for a practical and exploitable experience.

The book is complemented by harmony proposals for all markets as well as choices to prioritize, understand, and analyze color evolution.

Discover a preview of the Colors SS25 book: