Colors trend book |All our colors are exclusive and “home made”

Colors trend book …

This book reflects the unique color expertise that Peclers Paris has built for over 40 years.

Nature’s infinite variations set the mood for this season. Whether rough or reassuring, luscious or strange, in the raw or recast by art or craftsmanship, natural shades reveal their myriad facets. Colorful medium tone heights dominate the palette, they express a notion of richness without ostentation. Even the aluminum accent evokes a more modest form of preciousness. In a season where bright tones are rare and cold hues abundant, the palette is revitalized by a ruddy range of transgressive reds and pinks.

We found your trend books inspiring, and very consistent with our values and with the vision we all have of the future, we love your colors and are very attracted to the design of your trend books, which we find very enjoyable to use, it's an instinctive and great tool!
Astrid Hunsinger, Collection Manager at Velcorex
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