What are the main color trends for the Sprint Summer 24 season? Fill up on creativity and color inspiration with our essential tool: the FW24-25 Colors trendbook offered in combo with our trendbook FW24-25 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s), the essential pack to start your season. Get a head start and decipher the color trends to adopt in your collections.

A creative and experimental spirit is expressed in this season’s bold palettes in which familiar colors contrast with more unexpected ones: fresh hues offset autumnal nuances, bleached and whitened pastels oppose elegant intense tones and delicate clear colors pair up with very dark shades.

Misty and dark nuances evoke a mythical mood, in either a melancholy or fantasy vein. Half tones add softness in a warm and enveloping or cheery and childish spirit.

True grays are back, from palest to darkest, in all of their variants and they infuse other shades. Yellows, seen this summer, remain strong this winter, distilling their much-appreciated luminosity.

Ardent tones, in reds or fuchsia, add a touch of glamour. Preciousness is evolving between showy golds and ornamental darks.

The FW24-25 Colors trendbook brings together the 45 exclusive colors of Peclers Paris for the season, divided into 7 ranges and reflects the unique color expertise that Peclers Paris has built for over 50 years. All our colors are exclusive and “home made”.

A 3-step working tool:

  • The Early Colors Card: the first color information of the season.
  • Trend book: our 45 exclusive colors divided into 7 ranges.
  • A color confirmation by markets, available exclusively on Peclers+.

Colors are presented on detachable paper samples, yarns, and fabrics. Harmonies targeting all markets + insight into color evolution by season.

Combined with the Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) book since 5 seasons, it gives a constructed entryway into aesthetics which helps in product creation and design.