What will be the major Color trends for the Autumn Winter 25-26 season? Get inspired and creative with our FW25-26 Colors tool, available in association with our FW25-26 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) trend book – the essential pack to launch your season. Get a head start and decipher the color trends to adopt in your collections.

While warm tones dominated the SS25 season, in FW25-26 a balance returns with a palette that opens on a range of cool tones and has greens and blues interspersed throughout. The importance of half-tones is confirmed by the delicately tinted neutrals, smoky shades and desaturated colors that evoke the passage of time or natural dyes and embody a sense of durability.

Colors are employed in subtle harmonies, with less sharp contrasts, in tonal or monochromatic combinations enhanced by mixed materials. The palette is highlighted by flashy saturated accents, metallic reflections, warm orange and reddish nuances, and the very fresh bleached tones.

The FW25-26 Colors trend book presents Peclers Paris’ 45 exclusive seasonal colors, carefully crafted by hand divided into 7 ranges. These colors reflects our unique color expertise, developed over more than 50 years.

It’s a 3-step process:

  • An Early Colors Card: the first color information of the season, available in advance of the book’s release.
  • The Trend Book: our 45 exclusive colors divided into 7 ranges.
  • A color confirmation by market, available exclusively on Peclers+.

The colors are available on detachable supports: paper, fabric & yarns, for a pragmatic and usable experience.

The book is completed by suggested harmonies for all markets, as well as guidelines for prioritizing, understanding and analyzing color evolution.

Discover an exclusive extract of FW25-26 Colors trends: