Take a step forward with our trendbook SS25 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s): decipher emerging trends and strong signals, aesthetics to adopt this season, and how to adapt them to your products, concepts, or communication.

The world is experiencing a relentless stream of crises and disasters, resulting in torment, instability and economic downturn. This situation reinforces the need to escape through dreams, restoring sensitivity to the foreground, and celebrating a form of romanticism and dramatization.

While technology doesn’t offer a miraculous solution, its omnipresence is a reality, and by humanizing it, it can be a source of enchantment that offers amazement and elevates daily life.

We are constantly saturated by the mass of our artifacts. These have become the raw material we must sift through in order to assign meaning, invent with awareness and a critical mind, question codes with creativity and sometimes subversion.

Reflecting, settling down, sorting, trying to regain control, concentrating on the essential and reinforcing it, exploring the notions of restraint and rigor, taking into account know-how with an extra dose of soul, humanity and poetry.

A general idea explored this season through 4 themes:

  • Romantic: sublimate reality, in all its ambivalence, through the power of imagination and sensitivity.
  • Projection: technology, expertise and sensorial elements are combined to reimagine the future with delight and make it a part of everyday life.
  • Deviations: insightfully subverting codes to give meaning to the flow of contemporary content.
  • Sober: get back to basics and become aware of what’s essential to move towards an ecological and meaningful form of minimalism.

Result of the agency’s creative and community thinking, the FW25-26 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) trend book, presents the 4 Peclers Paris themes of the season, illuminated by our prospective analysis: socio-cultural and artistic influences translated into aesthetic concepts to stimulate your imagination, drive your creative directions and initiate your product developments.

Coupled with the Colors trend book, it gives you access to well-constructed and reasoned aesthetics that can influence product design, while at the same time making links with the choices made in the Colors book.

Discover an extract from FW25-26 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) trend book :