This season in our SS24 Men’s Fashion trend book: Style up! New openings! Free masculinities.

Whether it’s a question of fashion, design, or gender, this season is about finding more optimism and harmony. In a complex world in the process of being totally redefined, the quest for softness continues, and the spirit of rebellion quiets down.

Fashion and its codes evolve to respond to these new needs. The world of tech and the metaverse are filled with poetry. Circularity, simplicity and generosity are necessary aspects of a responsible future connected to nature. Once heavily coded, virility is now associated with freedom and inclusivity…

Agender sensuality and unbridled fantasy break free and become an integral part of menswear. It was imperative that we express this evolution, which we developed in four “all gender capsules”. A world with multiple and divergent forms of masculinity has emerged, making way for more diversity and tolerance.

Our SS24 Men’s Fashion trend book is the reference tool targeting the menswear industry. Insight into evolving fashion and lifestyle trends. Essential products, fabrics and colors to build the season’s key silhouettes. Exclusive vectorized products, including print and pattern directions.

Our trend book use our Archestyles® methodology: a new methodology to decipher the evolution of consumers and brands.

In a world where trend cycles are accelerating constantly, new gender expressions are rapidly appearing or disappearing. This frantic pace, accompanied by the growing complexity of today’s society, is revealing the limitations of traditional market segmentation models when it comes to identifying consumers’ expectations and aspirations. To better understand and analyze these changes, Peclers Paris has developed a unique methodology, which is both qualitative and dynamic: the Archestyles®.

Archestyles® allows for a more subtle understanding of individuals’ desires, and make it possible to better meet their expectations when it comes to products, services, in-store experiences, etc. Peclers Paris’ trend books define the Archestyles® from a projective viewpoint, enrich them and adjust them dynamically to current trends.