SS25 Beauty & Wellness Trends: In reaction to an increasingly unpredictable everyday, a need for intensity and value reveals a palette of emotions that transcends Beauty and augments its holistic scope. This evolution breaks with convention and opens the door to new well-being categories.

To begin, bold creativity delivers a shot of optimism by revisiting childhood codes in a surprisingly ironic vein. On a similar level, a quest for awareness and meaning, strength in resilience and the exploration of emotions, even the darkest ones, reveals an authentic beauty that celebrates the cycles of life.

Nature, for its part, is treated as an ecological fiction with a futuristic edge that infuses a new twist to environmental claims and messages. Finally, the season of letting go, summer radiates sensuality and solar energy, expressed in sports and partying, and casting the contours of a more conscious and vibrant beauty.

The Spring-Summer 2025 season marks a return to a seasonal pace for our Beauty & Wellness trend book, with two editions per year. This is aimed at keeping you closely attuned to the ever-evolving trends in this sector. Our goal is to provide you with even more inspiring and forward-thinking content while remaining practical, offering agile and immediately applicable solutions to beauty and wellness issues.

Each season, we will highlight four key trends, deciphering them through their influences, aspirational target profiles, and associated lifestyles. The book will also feature creative scenarios and a new approach to our Future Applications sections, with a focus on “From Inspiration to Execution,” providing guidance on development processes.

We are expanding our range of covered categories, including skincare, makeup, fragrances, personal care, as well as healthcare. Our tool will also emphasize routines, usage patterns, active ingredients, and innovations in packaging.

The 4 trends to discover in our SS25 Beauty & Wellness trend book:

  • Carefree playfulness: In a world in need of lightness, a new impetus celebrates the carefree spirit and joy of childhood.
  • Emotional glory: An exploration of emotions, from mellow melancholy to resilient energy, and how the asperities of life reveal the power of a more realistic beauty.
  • Eco fiction: In reaction to eco-anxiety, a move to reenchant and transform nature into a futuristic Eden combining technology, fantasy and sensoriality.
  • Solar release: Immersed in the glow of an endless summer, the energy of the sun and a laidback setting encourage libertarian exhilaration.

Discover a glimpse of our SS25 Beauty & Wellness trend book: