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Oct 29, 2019

Lineapelle anticipates a Winter 2020-21 strongly influenced by an “emotional intelligence” that imposes “complementary games between perfection and imperfection”.    

A desire to return to natural materials with almost “living” surfaces will be clearly present despite a continual search for improved performances and materials with technical looks. “Emotional intelligence” also symbolizes the importance of ethics in every creative and manufacturing decision.  

A report from our teams with images and key points on the Fall/Winter 2020-21 edition of this international fair specializing in leathers, findings, components and alternative materials …

The season’s inspirations in key points


Immersive reds plus colors that inspire strong emotional sensations.


The Couture spirit truly makes a comeback with the presence of ornamental, voluminous metal findings while we see moiré or pleated effects for leathers.


Materials get darker, black gold effects and precious gold, iridescent or glossy finishings offer luminosity to post-apocalyptic and dark-romantic inspirations.


“Tech” materials influenced by streetwear/sport wear are more discreet, leaving room for classic influences such as tapestry effects that are more present.


We see a notable presence of companies increasingly committed to “sustainability” by taking an interest in reducing carbon emissions, recycling (recycled waste), using chemical products with organic origins, green energy and using no metal or chrome in production.

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