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Designed by Peclers Paris, the theme of the new season of Maison&Objet, TECH EDEN: A New Natural Awakening, explores the profound evolution of the relationship between science and nature, as the basis for a sustainable and desirable future. In INSPIRE ME!, the show’s inspirational forum, Peclers Paris has scripted the possible hospitality applications of this science/nature reconciliation. Meet some of the forum’s contributors…

Meet with Roxi Basa an artist designing imaginary worlds…

Can you tell us about your background and your work?

My name is Roxi Basa and I’m an Amsterdam-based artist originally from Paris. I started my career as a fashion photographer. I discovered 3D during confinement and liked the fact that my imagination was my only limitation. I now use 3D as my main medium to create ethereal and fantastical worlds.

Through my representation of beauty, I create dreamlike and mysterious scenes, guided by strong storytelling, offering viewers a glimpse into my imagination. I aim to create experimental fantasies that might evoke memories of the past or spark visions of the future, where the boundaries between reality and imagination merge into a new life.

Deeply inspired by nature, mystery, and the unusual, I draw inspiration from both the tangible and intangible worlds to create narratives that encourage the viewer to embrace the possibilities of the unexplored. My redefinition of new realities goes beyond the ordinary, using modern technologies to envisage alternative perspectives.

You create alternative realities: can fiction (in this case visual fiction) help to create scenarios for a desirable future?

I think so, yes. This artistic approach allows us to transcend the limits of our everyday reality, to imagine different worlds, and to question established conventions. By presenting alternative scenarios, visual fiction stimulates the imagination and helps us think in depth about the direction our society is taking. It allows us to tackle contemporary issues creatively, highlighting aspects of our reality that are often overlooked, and offering new perspectives on complex issues such as climate change and technology. By exposing audiences to possible futures, even fictional ones, emotions and feelings can be aroused. This emotional engagement can be a powerful driver for action, encouraging individuals to reflect on their values and aspire to more positive futures.

How do you reconcile naturalness and digital aesthetics in your work? In other words: how do you dream up an alternative nature?

The combination of naturalness and digital aesthetics in my work is based on the search for harmony between organic elements and the infinite possibilities offered by the digital world. I strive to create images that evoke natural beauty while incorporating the fantastic elements of digital aesthetics.

In my vision of an alternative nature, I draw on the forms, patterns, and processes observed in the natural world while transforming them through the prism of digital creativity. This can take the form of imaginary landscapes, fantastical creatures, or surreal events inspired by natural phenomena.

The creative process involves the use of 3D and other modern technologies to bring to life concepts that go beyond what is possible in the real world.

However, even in this digital approach, I try to retain a certain naturalness and a connection with organic elements.

In my dream of an ideal world, nature regains its original splendor, restoring its natural balance, and man coexists in harmony with it. It’s a world where the symbiosis between humanity and the environment is not just an ideal, but a tangible reality. Human constructions are organically integrated into this renewed environment, adopting sustainable architectures that respect biodiversity. Environmentally-friendly technologies coexist with responsible use of resources, creating a sustainable balance between human progress and the preservation of nature. Human communities live in symbiosis with flora and fauna. Lifestyles are rooted in respect for biodiversity, fostering harmonious coexistence.

In this idealized world, man does not dominate nature, but coexists as an integral part of this complex ecosystem. It’s a vision where sustainability, deep understanding, and mutual respect form the pillars of a restored harmony between humanity and nature.

Through my work, I aim to provoke deep reflection on the importance of Mother Nature and to encourage viewers to recognize and celebrate the beauty and necessity of our natural environment.

There’s an almost mutant dimension to the way you represent bodies: what technological augmentation of the biological body would you like to see realized?

When I represent bodies in an almost mutant way in my work, I seek to explore the boundaries between the biological and the technological, imagining potential future developments. From this perspective, the technological augmentation of the biological body offers a fascinating terrain for artistic exploration and reflection on possible advances.

I’d like to see the emergence of technological advances that preserve the essence and beauty of human biology while pushing back its limits. Augmentation that transcends purely functional aspects to incorporate aesthetic and artistic elements.

Come and explore the artistic endeavors of Roxi Basa at Maison&Objet, taking place from January 18 to 22 at the heart of the inspiration forum in Hall 6. The prospective teams and designers at Peclers Paris have ingeniously showcased, in INSPIRE ME!, the potential applications within the hospitality sector stemming from the harmonious fusion of science and nature.

Furthermore, get a sneak peek at an exclusive creation by Roxi Basa for Peclers Paris. Immerse yourself in this unique experience during the exhibition at the Gym Station within the INSPIRE ME! forum, located in Hall 6.

The INSPIRE ME! forum will welcome other inspiring designers and creators like Mâche Mâché, Infrastructure Studio

  • Maison&Objet, 18-22 January 2024, Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
  • Forum INSPIRE ME! by Peclers Paris: Garden of the future, Hall 6
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