— Sweet and strong, at the same time!

Discover our Fall Winter 23-24 Fashion Key Items trend book:

This issue features an unashamed contrast between two attitudes, resulting from the blurring of codes associated with gender, body positivity and the follow-up to noughties inspiration. Protecting and strengthening oneself, while having fun with the codes of femininity!

Consequently, pieces with the thickness and reinforced structures of biker heroines are worn sexily, in short cuts or corseted. Inspired by mangas, kawaii style is transposed in tech and cold winter fashion with puffy shapes and candy colors.

Demure preppy codes encounter a rough outdoor ambiance. Not uptight at all, precious fragile and embroidered lingerie fabrics get a tomboy mix. Today we can be both powerful and cute!

Our Fashion Key Items book is the authoritative trend book for active and urban women’s fashion markets. Practical directions based on fashion shows, colors, prints, fabrics, fashion attitudes, exclusive products, and accessories. A round-up of the key elements to build a coherent collection plan.

In-depth operational analysis of the latest fashion shows and updates, plus exclusive products.

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