— FW24-25 Fashion Key Items trend book: Refresh the fundamentals!

Due to the need to last, the dependable products already developed over the past seasons are the obvious building blocks for neutral and easy wardrobes, stemming from street, sport and smart style, with the aim of protection. Conducive to reinvention, they are nonetheless creative.

With hybridized design, smart style is far from rigid, and mix and match is innovative. The protective side is contrasted with femininity. Sexy and grunge, the ‘90s/2000s treatment continues to give shapes, prints and accessories an anti-classical take.

The surprising touches of the season are epic romanticism, demure “granny” kitsch and pop. The color ranges are punctuated with bright accents, softness comes into play in materials and prints, femininity for lingerie and fur is expressed in a refreshingly playful vibe.

Our FW24-25 Fashion Key Items book is the authoritative trend book for active and urban women’s fashion markets. Practical directions based on fashion shows, colors, prints, fabrics, fashion attitudes, exclusive products, and accessories. A round-up of the key elements to build a coherent collection plan.

In-depth operational analysis of the latest fashion shows and updates, plus exclusive products.

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