Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) FW23-24 : “What if the radically changing world could be a boost for creativity?”

With the acceleration of global transformations, the world of design, which is both a mirror and precursor of societal change, buzzes and overflows, shaping new impulses. It acts as our guide as we imagine new emerging aesthetics. Our optimistic nature counts on humanity to rise to the occasion and do what we do best: reconstruct the pillars of civilization to create sustainable achievements. With hope and faith in our ability to adapt to climate threats, a flamboyant and baroque mimicry comes forth, in sync with a resilient biodiversity.

Two opposing experiences complement one another:

  • Our imaginations, augmented by digital tools, take a turn to explore a rich fantasy world intense with sensations and emotions.
  • On a more pragmatic note: new lifestyles give us more freedom, spontaneity, and a salutary sense of openness.

Season theme stories:

  • Foundation(s)
  • Evolution
  • Trouble
  • Flex life

The Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) trendbook is the result of a creative and collective reflection at Peclers. It combines of multiple and international points of view from with our unique diversity offering a 360° vision.

The book synthesizes creative ideas and concepts of the season. It helps anticipate and understand aesthetic trends and gives the keys to read an entire season.

It aims to decipher new models of production and consumption by cross-referencing official and independent sources:  from the smaller to emerging signs.

The Inspirations book is a transversal tool. Aesthetic concepts of the book are designed to be adapted to each of our clients’ sectors: fashion, beauty, design… The book offers a reading grid of aesthetic trends in general.

We believe that all sectors can learn from each other. Inspirations allows us to decompartmentalize and think out of the box.

Combined with the Colors book since 3 seasons, it gives a constructed entryway into aesthetics which helps in product creation and design, while bridging with certain directions of the Colors book.