The climate emergency is omnipresent; it can no longer be ignored. Rather than let it get us down, we have decided to act! The time to implement a system that is more respectful of the planet and its inhabitants has come. Together, each on our own scale, we must gather our energy and ideas to establish a positive vision of the future. Driven by the will to “exit the disposable era”, we invent aesthetics and protocols that give materials added value. We combat planned obsolescence by redefining what is “essential” with a focus on kindness. Facing this challenge, we allow ourselves the right to escapism by creating the conditions for spiritual enlightenment, which alleviates stress. At last, we challenge our own physical boundaries and showcase ourselves as a way to feel alive.

Creative catharsis

It’s really only Peclers that is able to make an impact for us, with their capacity for demonstrating things in a concrete way and finding the activation pathways.
Director of Marketing Global Cosmetics Brand