— A playbook to pragmatism!

This issue features ideas that are closer to developments in the ways we consume and live our lives. There is a need for reality and pragmatism.

We create our own impactful silhouette by combining iconic denim and T-shirts. Influenced by our screens, familiar staples are transformed by augmenting the 3D look of shapes, which are cropped and inflated, as well as by pop and playful digital decoration.

Moving towards a more down-to earth attitude, sexiness has either a committed explorer workwear, or functional and sexy style. The aesthetic of already existing items is boosted with the rise of recycled vintage that is increasingly infusing fashion.

Spontaneous mixes of lingerie, shirts and tailoring worked in wrinkled fabrics with inventive treatments. An exploration for solutions to the plastics polluting our oceans is also a major focus.

Our SS24 Fashion Key Items book is the authoritative trend book for active and urban women’s fashion markets. Practical directions based on fashion shows, colors, prints, fabrics, fashion attitudes, exclusive products, and accessories. A round-up of the key elements to build a coherent collection plan.

In-depth operational analysis of the latest fashion shows and updates, plus exclusive products.

Discover an exclusive extract of our SS24 Fashion Key Items trend book: