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Sep 10, 2019Sandrine Maggiani

Peclers Paris’ new site is now online. An interview with Sophie Merle, International Digital, CRM and Communication Director, to understand Peclers Paris’ digital ambitions.

Digital Decoding

Sandrine Maggiani: Why did you want to rethink the Peclers Paris site?

Sophie Merle: Peclers Paris’ previous site didn’t meet our consulting agency’s aesthetic and prospective visions. The site mock-up is now more contemporary. We chose a stronger typography and graphic identity to better reflect our  unique prospective viewpoint and bring a new dimension to our fashion, lifestyle and beauty trend expertise …

We totally reworked its ergonomy, with a more intuitive navigation and new multi-screen design to reinforce the user experience and possibility of sharing content. We give priority to exclusive images, enriched content, prospective subjects and blog articles and also create original e-book formats or clientcases… Everything is intended to better reinforce Peclers Paris’ vision and missions, new business offers and exclusive methodologies to clearly address clients or prospects.

SM: What are Peclers Paris’ ambitions with this site?

SM: The new Peclers Paris site was conceived with an objective of digital convergence to have a multi-channel presence. We imagined a fluid, dynamic site that perfectly illustrates our new propositions for value. The site is intended to radiate internationally and assert Peclers’ strong convictions on fashion and sustainable development while inspiring creative people and strategists.

By asserting Peclers Paris’ distinctive identity for our clients in a more coherent way, we wanted to help them understand how our services and trendbooks resonate with their uniqueneeds, challenges and objectives.

SM: What were your objectives in re-thinking the site?

SM: They are multiple: Because uses on the site have been simplified and are now completely mobile, we emphasize a fluid, efficient, surprising experience that gives access to information quickly so visitors will feel immediately implicated, whatever their objective, to inform themselves, get information, be inspired, learn or contact us.

Our desire was to digitalize, without dehumanizing, and propose a more inclusive, intuitive, complete version of the client’s experience on our site.

SM: Can you remind us, globally, of Peclers Paris’ missions?

SM: Today the fashion, beauty and lifestyle universes are being transformed ever more quickly while established codes are shaken up by new generations… Because our clients and prospects have higher standards for seeking information, understanding offers and remaining coherent in terms of their needs and challenges, the Peclers Paris site was imagined to offer functions and content with strong added value, include a blog with articles and analyses that are creative, business-oriented and prospective plus mention the many events we organize around the world.

From conceptualization and creation to production, commercialization, creative direction and retail … the context of our offers and trend books reflects our strong input. Our ultimate mission is to help anticipate trends and new consumer aspirations to offer innovative solutions that can be adapted to the new rhythms and challenges of brands and companies in the future.