What are the main color trends for the FW23-24 season? Fill up on creativity and color inspiration with our essential tool: the Colors FW23-24 trendbook offered in combo with our Inspirations trendbook, Envisioning Future(s) FW23-24, the essential pack to start your season.

Color before all else… Bold and dazzling, it magnifies the simple shapes and leaves the beaten track, it transgresses good taste by putting aside monochromatic moods or its use as accents in favor of high impact color-blocking and more contrasting combinations.

Classic grays, navies and beiges temper the intensity. In a more neutral vein, it reinvents the baroque spirit in a profuse array of soft and natural nuances heightened by refined textures or scintillating reflections, which express organic richness or subtle preciousness.

The pinks and greens settle in durably by multiplying their tone heights and uses, in natural, city or techno versions.

The city spirit, embodied by the many grays, expands all the way to vegetal shades, which take on a more urban feel, evoking greenery proliferating in a brownfield more than in a forest.

Reds become less traditional, reconnecting with their more glamorous and rebellious, feminine and defiant temperament.

The Colors FW23-24 trendbook brings together the 45 exclusive colors of Peclers Paris for the season, divided into 7 ranges and reflects the unique color expertise that Peclers Paris has built for over 50 years. All our colors are exclusive and “home made”.

A 3-step working tool:

  • The Early Colors Card: the first color information of the season.
  • Trend book: our 45 exclusive colors divided into 7 ranges.
  • A color confirmation by markets, available exclusively on Peclers+.

Colors presented on detachable paper samples, yarns and fabrics

Harmonies targeting all markets + insight into color evolution by season.

Combined with the Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) book since 3 seasons, it gives a constructed entryway into aesthetics which helps in product creation and design.