SS25 Environments & Design trends: An aesthetic that is anything but banal interferes with a society that seeks to be enchanted. From the strange to the absurd, from the precise to the messy, from the imaginary to the tangible, creativity’s simple energy stimulates a burst of redeeming ways to escape.

Creation is the ideal tool to revive our societies that have a lack of new stories. We reinvent escape through the prism of imagination by diving into a fantastic elsewhere.

Fascinating mythologies, bollywoodian splendors, discoveries of new planets, wonderlands or virtual country fairs become the epicenters for dreaming. By defying the real, the classic or the traditional, gaming pushes us to hybrid universes and their references.

In a shakeup of society’s given standards, turbulence replaces calm, fakeness feeds reality, strangeness defies banality and the playful is growing more functional. The high stakes of sustainability become a prerequisite for reenchantment and nature is a symbol we can play with to open the doors of imagination.

Our SS25 Environments & Design trends book is an essential tool for deciphering the major Home & Design trends.

With a 360° approach it sheds light each season on 4 core value systems and translates them into creative concepts adapted to new emerging lifestyles

A selection of socio-cultural signs to illustrate these 4 complementary lifestyles:

  • A selection of colors, materials, fabric and material samples, inspiring patterns and finishes, to bring products and storytelling up to date
  • Immersive spaces and inspiring interiors
  • Focus on responsible methods and essential sustainable products
  • Our all-encompassing approach stretches from the product to its retail environment to its visual identity

Peclers Paris addresses design, decoration, home furnishings and consumer goods through real lifestyle values. We assist you with trend, style and innovation consulting as well as trend forecasting analysis & brand strategy.

Dive into the universe of the book with an exclusive extract: