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Our Fashion Key Items SS23 trend book is available!

At a time when our lives are increasingly digital, we channel the 2000s which saw the rise of the Internet. Set free by this new digital aesthetic, our imagination joins forces with a sexy attitude where the liberated body illustrates the progress made by women in taking control of their own bodies.

At the same time, with the incorporation of the flex office into working arrangements, the boundaries are blurred between the workplace, “office dressing” and the possibility of working from home. A lighter and simplified wardrobe is embraced, infused with summery hedonism.

Three key points stand out this season:

  • The special effects of organic shapes, conjuring up artificial nature and acid colors.
  • Manga heroines embodied by the new cosplayers.
  • Precious and street fashion mixed with mini touches of fun and noughties couture.

The authoritative trend book for active and urban women’s fashion markets. Practical directions based on fashion shows, colors, prints, fabrics, fashion attitudes, exclusive products and accessories. A round up of the key elements to build a coherent collection plan.

In-depth operational analysis of the latest fashion shows and updates, plus exclusive products.

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